Welcome to World of Jackpots!

We monitor the jackpots of more than 100 slots machines of online casinos around the world. The height of each jackpot is recorded at least once per hour. We also keep track of jackpot hits and process this information in the data presented to our visitors.

You can select different categories of slots, like slots with the highest jackpots, or the biggest risers.

As a registered user, you can mark slots as favorites and add your own remarks. You can even set alerts to have World of Jackpots notify you, for instance, when a jackpot reaches a certain height!

Quick Start Guide

To view information about a slot/jackpot, hover your mouse pointer over a slot and click it.

After clicking a slot, a popup will appear with a slot's jackpot information.

To get a graphical overview of the slot's jackpot height over the past 365 days, click the small graph button in the top right corner of the popup window:

After clicking the graph button, the graphical overview will be visible:

Registered Users

By becoming a registered user, you can add slot machines to your "favorites". To do so, first make sure you are logged in (after you have previously registered). Next, hover your mouse pointer over a slot and click the heart icon.

The slot has now been added to your favorites.

As a registered user, you can also add personal remarks to a slot (only visible for you) and set alerts. When logged in, the slot info popup will display two additional buttons:

Clicking "My Remarks" enables you to add your own personal notes for this slot. If you click "Alerts", you can enable/disable alerts for this slot.

Alerts/notifications are sent to the email address you provided when you registered.